Looking forward to my birthday tomorrow

It’s really crept up on me, and I’m really surprised that tomorrow is actually my birthday. I think the reason it has crept up on me is that I have been so busy with this domestic appliance stuff. I spent nearly a week trying to sift through the top rated toasters to try and find the best toaster for the money in the price range I wanted to pay. This was then swiftly brought to a close and I was woken up from my trance by my daughter getting hurt when she banged her head at school.

And I suppose with my job and other things going on I just lost sight of the fact it is my birthday. Thankfully my husband has not forgotten and has booked as a table at a nice restaurant for tomorrow night. So that’s one benefit, because I have to say if it had been his birthday tomorrow I would have forgotten completely, I really have been away with the faeries thinking about domestic appliances and toasters, and I suppose I need to get my head straight. I did say in a previous post that I suffer from procrastination and wonder if it’s a child hood thing where decisions were made for me so much that I have got used to just having things done for me.

I have actually spoken to my my husband about that and he said he does think that it is a small issue, and he has felt he has had to make decisions for us in the past rather than shared ones. But he did point out that I am a manager at work and I make decisions every day, and I don’t procrastinate then, so it’s a case of confidence in knowing what I’m making decisions about, rather than just generally being frozen in that situation.

Anyway, the toaster has arrived as has the food blender and I am now sorting out those on the other things which are going into the kitchen to give it the makeover. It’s exciting and fun and hopefully it will then allow me to move on and do something else.

I had my mobile phone stolen today

Another bad day for me today, I had my mobile phone stolen, and I didn’t even realise it was happening at the time which is slightly embarrassing, so I’ll tell you the story now.

I was sitting at a roadside cafe with my friend at lunchtime, having a break from a particularly stressful day at work. We were swapping stories and drinking coffee and we had just ordered some food. I had my back to the street and my friend turned around, got up and went inside to go to the toilet. As she walked off and I was watching her walk away, I found myself aware of somebody nearby and then didn’t think anything of it for a few seconds.

When I looked back down at the table I saw my mobile phone had gone. I looked up and saw a man running down the road. Before I could even speak he had turned a corner and was gone.

I was so shocked that I didn’t say anything until my friend came back. But thankfully she saw I was shocked and she took control and got the people at the cafe to call the police. They said it had happened before couple of weeks ago and they were looking at cordoning off the tables a bit better so people couldn’t reach into that area so easily. The police could not really help when they arrived, nobody seen anything, it was a very quiet time of day in a quiet street, so there were no real statements to take and I didn’t even have a description of the man other than the clothes he was wearing from what I saw a distance.

When I got home I deactivated my phone through my online account, so it’s not a worry in that respect, but I’m embarrassed that something like that happened so easily without me even really realising it.

In better news I have selected from the two best toasters I could find and have now ordered a toaster online. I’ve also ordered a blender and they should both be here in the next couple of days. This is great news because it means I can move on now and look at the next things I I need to order for the kitchen. Progress is slow and my husband is well ahead of me and has even started decorating the living room.

One of my children got taken to hospital today

It’s been a really stressful day in our family. I was actually standing in a shop looking at toasters, trying to decide which the best toaster was, from the two top rated toasters I had found online from reviews.

Then the phone rang and I had to rush out of the store because I was told that my daughter had been taken to hospital straight from school. Apparently she had cracked her head open in the playground and there was so much blood that they just called straight for an ambulance. You can imagine that I was in a real panic by the time I got to the hospital.

My husband arrived a little while after me, but thankfully it was not as serious as we first thought. Yes she had cracked her head open, and there was a lot of blood, and they had to shave a bit of her head in order to put in several stitches, but she’s had some scans and is absolutely fine. So it was a real panic and running out of the store trying to stop thinking about toasters and get my head back into a serious mindset was very strange, but me and my husband are obviously so happy that she’s home and is safe.

It was just an accident in the playground, she tripped as she ran and hit her head on the edge of a bench, there was nothing malicious in it and no other children were involved and it all looks like everything will be fine.

It’s things like that are put into perspective. I’ve been really obsessed with buying a good toaster and it’s taken over my thoughts the past couple of days, along with some other domestic appliances we are looking at buying, and to suddenly have real life thrown in your face like that was a real wake-up call, it was like somebody throwing a bucket of cold water all over me and waking me up to reality. So I’m going to be making a buying decision on several appliances including a toaster tonight to get them out of the way.

Feeling a bit lonely and sad today

I watched the news today and I wished I hadn’t. There were some really serious and sad stories on there and it put me in a really sad mood this evening. I know that sounds a bit self-indulgent, but I do have two wonder about the world around us, and I wonder why people can do such things to each other.

So it’s put me in a really bad mood this evening. Today was actually okay, not much happened at work and it was a really decent day, but there are a couple of things that got under my skin and so I came home in not a great mood. Then watching the news made me really depressed, and I think perhaps I’m just a bit tired and fed up.

I didn’t sleep very well and the kids are playing up as well so perhaps that’s part of the problem.

I’m continuing my research for updating some of our domestic items. Appliances in the kitchen are what I’m looking at at the moment, one my husband is looking at furniture of the other rooms. We have a decent budget so we don’t have to cut back on what we buy too much, but we also want to get the best from money. I’ve already selected a new food processor, but I’m still looking for a really good quality toaster for a good price at the moment. I’ve been looking at the best toasters around, based on things like reviews, but I’m struggling to narrow it down to just two.

I think the plan is once I have narrowed it down to 2 potential top-rated toasters, I’m going to go and look at them both in an electrical superstore, and see how they look. I can also look at a few other things while I am there, and if the price is decent I might just by the one I want right then. The thing is with buying things online is that you can get the better price, but you can’t quite tell what they look like until you see them.

I never thought I would spend half a day researching the best toasters you can buy

Well today has been a very strange day. I decided to take the day off work because I’m ahead with what I’m doing and I had some time to take, so it seemed like a great time to have a rest.

I had a few little job to do around the house, the kids are at school and my husband is at work, so it was meant to be a great opportunity to catch up.

The thing is though, we are upgrading everything in our house at the moment. Me and my husband have been room by room and made a plan of what we are going to do, in terms of decoration and replacement of items, we have got a good budget for it and we decided that now was the time to do it.

But the thing is it’s little things which are starting to get to me. I wanted to get a new toaster for the kitchen. It on our list and the other one is a simple little plastic two slice toaster which is years old. So I wanted something a bit better.

But it’s an absolute nightmare out there. You start looking at toasters and the reviews are always mixed. So you search toaster reviews and again they are mixed. In the end you are trying to find the best toasters to consider from hundreds out there, all with different reviews, all with different price ranges and all of that is different on different sites.

EBay, Amazon, individual store sites, they all have the same toasters at different prices with different reviews. I know it’s not a lot of money, but I want to get the best my money, so obviously I’m going to look for top rated toaster rather than just grabbing one based on price alone.

Anyway, you can see that it’s become a bit of an obsession with me today. And I ended up spending four hours going through all the sites and writing down the facts and stats around a dozen different toasters. I’ve now narrowed it down to 4, but I’m not happy that I’m still doing it right.

Which means even after four hours of messing around looking at blooming toasters I’m still not actually in a position to buy one happily. This is one of the problems I wanted to write about in this blog, ever since I was young I have been indecisive and when that indecision hits it can be crippling, it means I can waste hours on the most simple of decisions. I don’t really know why do it, both of my parents seem quite decisive, but then perhaps that’s the problem, I wonder if they made decisions for me rather than nurturing me to make my own.

This is the first time I’ve written a blog post and I don’t know what to write

I started this blog because I felt it was something I wanted to do. I used to keep a diary when I was a little girl and I found it really useful for recording my thoughts and emotions. This really helped me to understand more about myself and to get things out of my head.

So I think I’m kind of seeing this diary now being this blog, with it being a place for me to write, not very well admittedly, about what’s going on in my life. Unlike a proper diary this is completely anonymous. If somebody stumbles on this blog they are not going to know who it belongs to, whereas if it was a real diary they would know who it belongs to. When I was young, my parents found my diary and that caused all sorts of problems, so I don’t want to go down that road again and I’m thinking this is why blogging is so popular, especially with teenagers.

I’m going to bore you in this blog, because it’s going to be mostly about my family and friends and what I’m doing in my life. The only really big thing happening at the moment is we have decided that after 10 years in our current house with everything as it’s been, it’s time to update everything ready for the next 10 years. So we are on a mission to go room by room and paint, decorate and upgrade everything in it, basically a renovation of the living space and things in it.

So unfortunately this blog is going to be me talking about really boring things like buying domestic appliances and wallpaper. But hey, I’m writing this for me and not you, so if you are reading this and finding it interesting well that’s really good, but if you are wondering what on earth you’re reading it for, well I’m sorry but that’s up to you and it’s your problem. I don’t mean to sound rude, but I don’t want people to think I’m being misleading, if you’re reading this blog then great, but I can’t make it entertaining or informative when there’s nothing I can do on that front.